Paper files ready for ABBYY OCR processingPaperless Productivity® specializes in providing paperless solutions for healthcare, finance, high-tech/low-tech manufacturing and distribution processes, and more.

We eliminate paper documents through fax software, automated data entry, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Paperless Productivity clients look to our technical and business process automation (BPA) solutions to assist with converting currently paper-centric workflow to paperless processes.

As integrators and value-added resellers, our solutions portfolio is a toolkit of best-of-breed technologies that eliminate the time, cost, and resource consumption of data entry, paper printing, paper faxing, paper scanning, paper copying, paper filing, and paper workflows.

Our clients leverage our software and business process solutions in order to:

  • Eliminate manual data entry from invoices, surveys, and forms
  • Eliminate paper printing completely in most cases
  • Send and receive all documents electronically (faxes, scanned documents, forms)
  • Eliminate the need to use plain paper or pre-printed forms by delivering documents automatically as email, through Electronic Fax, or via the web
  • Off-load scanning to the sender by receiving previously paper faxes and mail electronically
  • Use only one single paper document (usually created by the customer or partner), and never actually handle the paper themselves
  • Recapture all the real estate lost from filing cabinets, photocopiers, scanners, fax machines, and paper/toner storage
  • End the paper shuffle, lost pages/documents, individual filing cabinets and in/out document bins, and paper document handling

ABBYY Software logoWe proudly implement top-of-the-line fax software and ABBYY® forms processing software for high quality Optical Character Recognition, Intelligent Character Recognition, and Intelligent Document Recognition—OCR, ICR, and IDR.

For most high-volume paper-centric workflows, these tools provide 80% automation for each document or workflow process within 8 weeks, reducing workflow costs by 80% or more, and a positive return on investment within 8 months.

Contact us – we’ll let you know if we can help your organization, too.