Game-Changing OCR: Healthcare Forms Automation for Forward-Thinking Providers

In a recent TechCrunch article, one prominent NYC-based physician makes a compelling case for the urgency of technology revolution in healthcare.

She touches on the irony of an industry in which “[w]e could monitor individuals, more closely tracking key biomarkers via wearables” yet, at the same time, “most communications between doctors’ offices come by fax!”

Similarly, she laments how the disconnect between mobile patients and immobile personal data makes it unnecessarily hard to spot disease-prone patients before they develop major symptoms.

The regulatory environment, and the economic incentives that it shapes, are far outside the scope of our daily work as workflow automation consultants.

But there’s at least one key piece of overlap. In the broadest terms, this article describes an industry whose immense manual input–after all, “many healthcare providers are still living a paper-and-pen existence”–is no longer truly necessarily, let alone optimal.

And that is precisely why the rapid, reliable data capture technology behind ABBYY FlexiCapture can make a game-changing impact. In fact, we have yet to see another technology that any size of provider organization can so easily harness for any document workflow

It won’t reinvent healthcare, but it does reinvent the way that organizations approach big data, small data, and everything in between.

For instance, imagine setting your most skilled administrative professionals free to apply their skills and insight to processes of greater value than endlessly entering data from forms. What happens next, in our experience, is remarkable:

  • Margins increase in response to decreased administrative costs per patient
  • Security/compliance risks fall as data availability and accuracy rise
  • Overall coordination and responsiveness grow in the absence of long-standing pen-and-paper constraints

You could say that our ultimate goal at Paperless Productivity® is transformation. It might comprise one process around one document. It might comprise an entire organization rethinking how it does what it does, and the greater good that its technology should serve.

But at either end of the spectrum, we believe that FlexiCapture offers a key to incremental yet powerful innovation. In fact, it might even be the beginning of a revolution. If the time is right to explore cost-effective OCR document processing with ABBYY FlexiCapture, then reach out today to arrange a complimentary consultation.