FlexiCapture Review: Automating Test Form Capture with ABBYY

Dubai’s Transguard Group employs individuals from around the world, and nowhere is its linguistic diversity more apparent than in its facilities and cash management services, two of the firm’s largest businesses.

Transguard’s in-house training department offers English classes to help build a more capable and competitive workforce. A portion of the 38,000 full-time employees receives an English placement test on any given day, the results of which are entered into the training group’s proprietary application.

Initially, this entry was all conducted manually, with a problematic 75% accuracy rate. It was an awkward, two-step process, with one operator hand-writing the outcomes into a results form and a second operator typing the results form into the training application.

The slowness and inaccuracy were unacceptable, and improvement in both of these areas was operationally critical. Already familiar with ABBYY OCR from other projects, and encouraged by ABBYY’s extensive references in the test automation niche, the IT department selected FlexiCapture to facilitate two ambitious goals:

  1. Reduce test processing time by at least 50%.
  2. Increase accuracy to at least 99%.

The existing test form was a mix of multiple-choice and handwritten sections, as well as grades and comments from the evaluators. Using tools within FlexiCapture, it was revamped into a more easily machine-readable format that catered to the strengths of OCR data capture software.

Now, each day’s test results are scanned in a single batch, processed automatically by FlexiCapture, and written to a spreadsheet that the training app then pulls in.


Whereas the verification step alone used to take several minutes, the entire process has been reduced to just 45 seconds per test. Likewise, the whole day’s processing took nearly 3.5 hours manually—without even counting the time needed to verify data and enter it into the training app—but now takes just over half an hour.

Thanks to thorough preparation and prudent software selection, Transguard was able to reduce average daily processing time by 81% while raising accuracy to nearly 100%.

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