FlexiCapture Review: The Future of Finance with Invoice Capture & OCR Automation

Invoice capture and OCR for accounts payable/receive have come to the forefront during the rapid, worldwide adoption of the finance shared service model.

That model has caught on quickly in China, where companies are urgently streamlining their finance teams order to save costs by increasing efficiency. In fact, roughly half of all Chinese enterprises have either consolidated or planned to consolidate their finance teams into a single location for efficiency and cost benefits.

Docuvix, an organization at the forefront of financial shared services in China, offers enterprises a single electronic platform for all invoice processing, AR/AP document capture, financial forms analysis, and related workflows.

Given the renowned speed and accuracy of FlexiCapture for Invoices, it was an easy choice for Docuvix to integrate FlexiCapture Engine (the same underlying technology) into its own customized offering. Several benefits separated FlexiCapture from other finance/accounting OCR tools:

  • Consistent and smooth intake of forms, whether scanned centrally (by Docuvix) or remotely (by clients)
  • Unmatched OCR accuracy for Chinese-language documents, which are normally considered difficult to capture
  • Outstanding human readability due to automatic image alignment, noise reduction, and other visual clean-up features
  • Instant data accessibility and integration thanks to seamless export capabilities

The outcome of FlexiCapture integration was a particularly robust workflow that allows clients to automate accounts payable processing with OCR, capture insurance forms, and handle credit card documents with ease.


Individual billing tasks now take roughly half as long as they did prior to FlexiCapture, making overall processing speed 3 to 10 times faster than before! For Docuvix’s largest clients, among which are large government departments, retailers, and universities, the savings can amount to millions of dollars annually. Better still, the same benefits are available to multinational clients with documents in any or all major languages plus dozens more besides.

Perhaps your organization has grand plans for a custom application that provides OCR capabilities among many others. Or perhaps you just need a turn-key finance/accounting OCR package that lets you manage more forms, with more speed, and with more accuracy.

Whatever the use case, the beauty of FlexiCapture is how it can transform painful workflows into sources of savings…and even competitive advantage.

To observe the solution in action with your own documents, or to see which ABBYY FlexiCapture price and licensing options make sense for you, please drop us a line today.