FlexiCapture Review: OCR Enhances Classroom Learning

In fifteen years of instructing middle schoolers, Ontario teacher John Bouchard had worked with many students with reading and/or learning challenges. He found it effective to craft existing materials into new assignments and intensive study guides for those students, but the manual process of manipulating large amounts of text was practically a second job. In fact, he was not merely re-typing text, but physically cutting and pasting it to create new resources!

Frustrated by the immense workload, he began investigating OCR data capture and text-to-speech software, in hopes of automatically generating and consolidating class texts into listen-along versions for students who struggled to keep pace with the readings. Bouchard chose FlexiCapture’s counterpart, FineReader, which provides the same cutting-edge OCR engine in a package designed for single-user, low-volume deployments.

The powerful technology behind FlexiCapture helped him digitize and/or automate three key processes:

  • Creating multiple versions of an original document
  • Capturing text with OCR and modifying the digital result
  • Merging multiple documents into a single one

Now, says Bouchard, “I’m using it in ways that I never believed possible. FineReader has saved me countless hours! I don’t have to retype text anymore – just scan, convert, edit. That’s it.” This has freed him up to spend his limited time creating more effective and customized content for students, rather than simply handling paper as before.

Furthermore, Bouchard even began to use the same ABBYY FlexiCapture-based tools for classroom administrative tasks. Today, he considers it “essential classroom software” that lightens teachers’ considerable burdens while facilitating more accessible and effective learning environments for students with special needs.

Bouchard’s standalone configuration allows rapid and accurate data input, capture, verification, and even export to almost any destination. As pictured below, users in a corporate setting generally leverage these capabilities to get data from paper into LOB applications, centralized databases, and so forth.


This example nicely highlights the namesake flexibility of FlexiCapture’s OCR engine. From eliminating manual data entry with disparate sources to automating data verification and validation, we have yet to find a manual process for which ABBYY doesn’t deliver immediate speed and accuracy improvements for a rapid ROI.

If you’re new to ABBYY software or to OCR data capture in general, then our FAQs may be of help. To discuss you particular needs with a workflow consultants, to arrange a demo, or to get customized FlexiCapture price and licensing quotes, please contact us today.