FlexiCapture Review: Order Processing Automation Lightens Load for Cargo Co.

As Russo Trans’s operations fell into place, loads of rail cargo began to move swiftly and effortless between far-flung destinations. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the company’s business-critical but paper-bound information.

Typical of the rail cargo industry, Russo Trans had to process an imposing stack of order documents and receipts for each shipment. During busy seasons, the volume could add up to tens of thousands of pages per month. For a company of just 120 employees, of whom just a handful were responsible for data capture, the workload was highly burdensome. Worse still, the error-prone nature of manual document processing created the potential for critical mistakes that could impede customer service.

In search of a better way, the company chose ABBYY FlexiCapture in order to automate document and order processing with OCR technology. A few particular attributes convinced management that FlexiCapture was the optimal solution for the most pressing workflow needs:

  • The ability to build a process with no human involvement besides a few seconds of verification
  • Equally high OCR quality and effective learning functionality across multiple languages and alphabets
  • Robust and secure database export capabilities

With time and resources now freed up, Russo Trans was able to launch a brand new business process, and plans to expand the OCR order capture solution to additional documents and workflows. The benefits of document automation accrue rapidly, and often compound as more processes are brought into the fold.

The geographical challenges inherent in the cargo industry create a unique sort of opportunity for logistics document automation. At the same time, for sectors ranging from finance to healthcare, and for on-premise and hosted solutions alike, the key to rapid ROI is partnership with experts. Paperless Productivity® workflow consultants regularly deliver innovative and cost-effective data capture for order processing automation and numerous other OCR-based solutions.

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