FlexiCapture Review: Capturing Deals by Capturing Data with ABBYY

Nothing sours the excitement of planning a trip quite like losing a last-minute bargain due to fat-fingered typing. Go Travel Unlimited, proprietor of Russian airfare aggregator AviaSales (and its global counterpart JetRadar), wanted to eradicate this frustration. And with an innovative implementation of ABBYY FlexiCapture’s OCR engine, Go Travel added value to its app by smoothing out a major wrinkle in the purchase process.

As quickly as airfare pricing and availability change, clumsy typing from a smartphone can be costly to customers. And it’s an existential threat to app developers like Go Travel, who compete on the ability to connect travelers with rock-bottom ticket prices.

The issue struck most acutely when it was time for the app’s 5 million monthly users to enter passenger and passport information. This is by far the most time-consuming step of the purchase process, and also the most critical for a valid reservation.

Go Travel realized that, with OCR data capture software from ABBYY, the app could pull all necessary info from a passport photo. The idea was simple enough on the surface, but what criteria would an OCR solution need to meet?

  • Perfect accuracy in dozens, if not hundreds, of languages
  • The flexibility to recognize similar information from very different document layouts
  • An open API for customizable processing/encoding

Of all OCR vendors, only ABBYY was able to do all of these things to Go Travel’s satisfaction. The company therefore selected ABBYY’s Cloud OCR SDK, based on the technology that powers its well-known FlexiCapture software, to automate passport data capture for its users.


An interesting quirk of passport data capture is that even perfect accuracy may not suffice. Specifically, the machine-readable zone (MRZ) of Russian passports uses some less-than-obvious logic to encode Cyrillic letters as Latin ones. To that end, Go Travel used the OCR engine’s API to develop a script that would convert MRZ data into regular Cyrillic text to pass along to the airlines.

After just two weeks of development and implementation, Go Travel released single-click passport data entry, which thousands of passengers have used each month to buy last-minute tickets without the stress or hassle that competitors’ apps entail.

In a world generally accustomed to entering information by hand, it is hard to exaggerate the business impact of automating these sorts of processes. That’s every bit as true for internal processes, as well. Just as improving a cumbersome interface can enhance user adoption and loyalty, so automating a laborious internal workflow can help turn cost centers into profit centers.

To see a live demo or explore how your organization could reap similar benefits from OCR data capture automation with ABBYY FlexiCapture, please contact Paperless Productivity® today.