Just What Are Those Low-Hanging Fruit?
Identifying Quick Wins In OCR Projects

In workflow/OCR consulting, early wins are often a hallmark of a successful automation project. They beget momentum, followed by buy-in, followed by wider support and adoption. That’s why–in the initial stages–even small victories can be accurate signs of a successful, high-momentum project to come.

FlexiCapture OCR solutions are all about turning the complex into the simple. They give the greatest long-term ROI on processes that were previously bound by steps and checks and human interventions. But when a project sponsor has gone out on a limb to change the status quo, putting their budget and reputation on the line, it’s wise to climb the hill before conquering the mountain.

This leaves us and our clients with the (sometimes literally) million-dollar question: “How can we identify the ‘low-hanging fruit’ that will make a quick win possible?”

Often, we take the Socratic approach and answer that question with some of our own. As a starting point, these questions have proven consistently helpful over years of OCR and workflow automation consulting.

What’s disproportionately painful?

We want to home in on the 20% of the processes that cause 80% of the headaches, as the rule suggests. Even within that subset, there’s usually one workflow that causes the most groaning and eye-rolling. That is the place to start!

If clients can pinpoint a single process that yields more than its fair share of costs or confusion, then they’ve got a prime candidate for immediate automation. After all, a highly visible pain point means that the solution will be highly visible, as well.

What information carries the biggest legal risk or compliance burden?

Just as current pains are a focus of project planning, we’d be remiss not to look at the likelihood of future pains. This is often very industry-specific, as with HIPAA compliance during/after EMR adoption, confidentiality of credit history in mortgage application bundles, etc.

Whatever the specific regulations, there are typically large and very expensive legal consequences at stake. Whenever FlexiCapture can help address data accuracy and security, a compliance-oriented automation project may be one of the quickest ways to provide value.

If you’ve tried to deploy OCR before, which business processes were involved? What got in the way?

Another opportune starting point is any process that an organization tried previously to automate, but was stymied by inadequate technology or rough implementation. On a technical level, ABBYY customers routinely find that FlexiCapture simply outdoes other applications in sheer accuracy–which is often tested head-to-head on real-life forms.

Combining standard-setting performance with a proven project planning methodology, it’s often possible not merely to resurrect older initiatives, but to see them succeed on an even greater scale than originally planned.

We want to set the stage for a victory from day one, and these questions are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands more that help us to help you lay the groundwork for a smooth, effective, and high-ROI automation project.

Collectively, our consultants have spent several decades in OCR and workflow automation consulting, all the while building and honing a time-tested workflow toolkit. So, if your team could use some expert guidance, then we invite you to reach out today.