ABBYY Recognition Server 4 – 25M total pages

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Product Description

OCR conversion and automation technology provide organizations with a simple solution for document imaging, classification, conversion and archiving needs. OCR conversion technology can transform any “flat” image file document (.jpg, .tiff, etc) into a fully-searchable text file that can be exported to a number of different locations, in a number of different formats.

ABBYY Recognition Server for 25M total pages performs full-text OCR Conversion that is perfectly suited for healthcare, legal and business organizations. ABBYY Recognition Server can accomodate high volumes of automated paper-based forms for processing with highly customizable output options that can accomodate nearly an unlimited amount of existing processes and workflows. With fully searchable, text based documents, document archival and management has never been simpler.

Past Versions: ABBYY Recognition Server 3 – RSF3XS-25MT RSF3XD-25MT

ABBYY Recognition Server 2 – RSW2XDB25MT