E-Discovery Automation with OCR Bundle – 300k pages / year

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Product Description

E-Discovery automation solutions with OCR technology improves the process of manual discovery within the legal industry. Legal cases produce large volumes of paper and image based document containing information that attorneys and litigation support specialists must address in order to perform successful litigation. The speed with which these access to information within these documents is paramount. Manual, paper-based discovery is very time consuming, expensive, diverts attention of legal professional from practicing to performing unskilled tasks and often leads to misplaced documents which can lead to legal penalties. OCR for eDiscovery provides a solution to counter the inefficient and time consuming manual discovery process.

ABBYY Recognition Server is a highly intelligent optical character recognition software that streamlines the process of litigation discovery acts as a software based litigation support specialist. ABBYY Recognition Server performs data recognition on image based or paper based documents and creates fully searchable electronic text files (searchable PDFs) that can be used for archiving, discovery and enterprise search. Improve discovery, ensure that no document is lost, shorten discovery cycles and eliminate costs by leveraging OCR for eDiscovery.

Bundle includes ABBYY Recognition Server for 300k pages/year software license, professional services for project planning, implementation, and training and 1 year of software support and maintenance.