Invoice Form Processing Bundle – 60k pages / year

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Product Description

Invoice form processing services from Paperless Productivity capture and export data from paper or image based invoice documents into actionable data. Invoice processing has never been easier as it replaces manual data entry with intelligent character recognition to automate invoice processing.

Invoice processing solutions for 60k pages/year come complete with machine readable form creation to assist in capturing and processing the data that your organization needs, straight from the invoices that you receive. Invoice processing solutions are a complete, end to end solution from invoice receipt to data exportation to exportation of business ready data into any CRM, database or network folder. Invoice processing solutions accelerate the process of invoice entry, enhance reporting capabilities and provide for early payment discounts and faster response time to invoice enquiries. Drastically reduce payment times, improve data integrity and free your employees to focus on high level tasks by leveraging Invoice processing solutions by Paperless Productivity.

Solution includes ABBYY FlexiCapture software license, 1-year of software support and maintenance contract, basic software set-up, 4 hours of training and 1 page of template design.