Kodak i2400 – Workgroup Document Scanner

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Product Description

Document scanners from Kodak simplify and streamline the scanning process through the extension of industry leading technology. While scanning can often be a cumbersome and time consuming process, Kodak has provided workgroups and organizations a scanning solution that drastically reduces the time it requires to scan a document.

SCANMATE i2400 is a workgroup document solution that leverages Kodak SmartTouch technology to automate the process of document scanning and distribution. With SmartTouch technology, users can program SCANMATE i2400 to repeat existing scanning workflows. For example, users can configure its invoice scanning as “option 2”. Whenever a user needs to scan an invoice, the user would press “Option 2” and each invoice document would be scanned and routed to its pre-defined location, streamlining the scanning process. With a daily recommended scanning volume of 4,000 pages per day, the SCANMATE i2400 is the perfect solution for workgroups looking to optimize their scanning process and improve workplace efficiency and productivity.