Recognition Server Review: Unlocking a National Treasure with OCR Conversion

If there’s any downside to becoming nationally renowned library, it’s the practical challenge of making such a volume of information quickly and easily accessible. That’s exactly what the National Assembly Library (NAL) of Korea discovered this during its five-decade expansion from a legislative repository into a landmark institution.

With a rather staggering 160 million pages of digital content in image-only formats, a tremendous national resource remained almost inaccessible (particularly to blind patrons) until NAL leadership undertook an initiative to make all information searchable.

Under the guidance of a domestic consulting firm, ABBYY Recognition Server was selected for its outstanding OCR quality across various languages and formats, and compelling value proposition.

Following OCR conversion by Recognition Server, documents were fed into a new library database that provide sophisticated searchability for users both with and without impaired vision.


As elegant in practice as it is sophisticated under the hood, this process rapidly converts document into XML files for searchability and rendering. New resources are processed in nearly real-time, which prevents backlog formation and thus keeps accessibility up to date with extremely little human input.

As a result of this tremendously successful OCR project, more than a quarter of a million blind patrons have gained access to a treasure trove of Korean and international documents.

With full searchability in place, the NAL is even prepared to implement the next phase: a web-based voice service across its vast collections.

More and more, the ability to turn paper (or non-searchable digital files) into more accessible information is a major competitive advantage. Although classic use cases like legal discovery or library digitization are most common, customers ranging from engineering firms to service bureaus rely on the unmatched accuracy and price-performance ratio of Recognition Server.

To learn more about ABBYY Recognition Server pricing and technical requirements, or to arrange a live demonstration with your very own documents, please contact a Paperless Productivity® consultant today.