FC Scanning Station

ABBYY FlexiCapture easily pulls documents from a wide range of sources, both paper and electronic. For the former, its easy-to-use Scanning Stations integrate with any TWAIN-, ISIS-, or WIA-enabled device. What does this mean for users?

  • Straightforward capture from virtually every desktop scanner or multi-function device (MFD) in the office
  • Elimination of paper from both data capture/processing and archival workflows
  • Effortless integration of paper and electronic documents into the same business processes

The availability of both thick- and thin-client versions means Scanning Stations fit smoothly into any infrastructure preferences. And for the ultimate in flexibility and cost minimization, Web Verification Stations can be made available to any and all users.

The Scanning Station in action.

The Workflow Role of Scanning Stations

While the OCR engine is responsible for the “heavy lifting” of data capture, Scanning Stations help provide information in a more uniform and OCR-friendly fashion. Users are free to adjust image presentation (e.g., to de-skew or rotate) and even manually redact confidential information before it ever enters a workflow.

But the most powerful tool is the ability to create custom scanning profiles. This way, when many documents of the same type are fed into the software from any source, the operator need only tell FlexiCapture which profile to use. Image manipulation, redaction, and so forth are all carried out automatically.

An original scanned image in FlexiCapture
The same image after preparation in the Scanning Station

Usability That Expedites Business

At the end of the day, software is only valuable to the extent that it lets you do more business in less time and/or at a lower cost. With powerful, user-friendly features like its Scanning Stations, FlexiCapture delivers results time and again.

Even firms that still start with paper have dramatically sped up their key business outcomes. What’s more, as long as “[f]orms without a fixed layout…comprise about 80% of all business documents,” organizations that recognize the need for more flexible OCR software will continue to come out ahead.

If you already have an idea of which license will suit your organization, then our part numbers lists may help you place your order (note that Standalone and Distributed parts numbers differ). Or, if we can best assist with choosing between licenses or better understanding FlexiCapture’s capabilities, please drop us a line at your convenience, whether via the web or at 844-OCR-ABBYY (844-627-2229).