FC Verification Station

Like its web-based counterpart, the FlexiCapture Verification Station is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all data validation in your capture workflow. With a fresh and straightforward UI, data confirmation/correction and database validation are a breeze.

  • Expedite verification by automatically grouping similar fields and even validating against their sums
  • Maximize accuracy with database record suggestions
  • Make it easy on the eyes by comparing uncertain fields side by side with document snippets

Below, note how similar characters are presented together, to help the human operator confirm them faster and more accurately:

Local & Web Verification Stations in a distributed FlexiCapture deployment

Character Verification & OCR Accuracy

FlexiCapture is remarkably accurate when document templates are properly designed. Ambiguous characters are therefore relatively uncommon, which means the actual verification workload is minuscule compared to the amount of data verified without any input.

And when an uncertain character does arise, it takes just a single keystroke to confirm or correct it. No time is lost hunting through visually overwhelming document images, and there’s no need for an awkward highlight-and-replace correction process.

Character grouping for verification
Original text snippets to aid operator
An example of field verification

The Value of Rapid Verification

With the ease and accuracy of the Verification Station interface, clients report overall processing time reductions of 75%, with no errors in the final data. Many are able to capture thousands of pages in just hours, whereas the same workload previously took days—even with more data entry workers!

This white paper, and others in our growing library, provides more detailed information on the nuts and bolts of automated data capture. For assistance with FlexiCapture pricing/purchasing, or to arrange a customized OCR demo, please reach out to our team online or at 844-OCR-ABBYY (844-627-2229).