FC Web Verification Station

With ABBYY FlexiCapture’s Web Verification Station, clients can verify captured data from anywhere with an internet connection. With all the same capabilities and same underlying technology as local Verification Stations, the web client makes data capture as flexible as you need.

  • Give verification access to any worker at any time
  • Prevent forms processing backlogs when key employees are on the go
  • Reduce the need for dedicated hardware and scarce office space

No matter how quickly verification workflows change, all customers can maintain a convenient and efficient process. Thanks to the web client, FlexiCapture will always keep up with the pace of your business.

Who Uses the Web Client & Why

The web client comes in handy for anyone who needs to verify captured data outside the office, or otherwise lacks access to an on-site Verification Station. As the following screenshots demonstrate, the workflow is consistent with the local verification process.

Initiating a batch in the FlexiCapture web client
One-key verification of uncertain characters

From the Web Verification Station, users can start new batch recognition process or quickly verify one that has already been captured. Once underway, the operator sees a clear comparison of the text image to the character that FlexiCapture thinks it sees.

With one tap of the ENTER key to confirm (or of the true character to correct), users quickly process entire sets of documents. Since its accuracy approaches 99.9% when forms are properly designed, the amount of manual input is kept to a bare minimum.

How FlexiCapture Impacts Business

Faced with unique challenges like oft-changing forms in many languages, a global safety management firm used this application to solidify its competitive advantage—in large part by letting customers perform their own web-based verification. Similarly, a major logistics company has empowered workers to verify mountains of data unconstrained by time or place.

If you’d like to take a deeper look at the OCR process, this white paper will help you get started. Additional resources, including many industry-specific documents, are also available in our ever-growing library. And when you’re ready to discuss FlexiCapture with an expert, and learn more about how this remarkable software may meet your own needs, we welcome your inquiry online or at 844-OCR-ABBYY (844-627-2229).