RS Indexing Station

The Indexing Station makes ABBYY Recognition Server a highly efficient solution to all sorts of document classification needs. In this case, aside from manual keying, indexing operators have three convenient input methods at their disposal:

  • Document type selection from a pre-filled list
  • Rubber-band selection from the text
  • Criteria-based field selection (e.g., via regular expressions)

Together, these inputs make metadata creation a fast and accurate process.

For instance, selecting the “Article” type will bring up the requisite index fields. In the example below, these are set to Document type, Title, Summary, and Amount.

ABBYY Recognition Server Indexing Station

Using rubber-band and regular expressions-based selection in the Recognition Server Indexing Station

Next, the operator simply clicks and drags across the sources for text fields (here, the title line and introductory paragraph). Finally, a predefined regular expression is used to find the text corresponding to the Amount field, which the operator then populates with a single click.

How Does the Indexing Station Help Me?

There are about as many answers as there are Recognition Server users. Organizations may require metadata for any number of reasons, but a few of the most common include:

  • To make information more customer-friendly, as many worldwide libraries have done
  • To improve internal accessibility, whether by enhancing SharePoint integration or simply creating more helpful file naming rules
  • To facilitate unique export rules for each document type, e.g., sending catalogs to Purchasing or software brochures to IT

Whatever the specific business context, the powerful Indexing Station simply makes information more comprehensive and easier to use.

Are There Other Ways to Index Documents?

The Indexing Station is actually just one of two separate indexing methods within Recognition Server. The other comprises indexing scripts, which allow the process to be fully automated. All applicable fields are simply populated from document contents, with no further intervention needed. Generally, this is most helpful when field sources always occur in the same part of a document.

Rapid indexing, unmatched OCR accuracy, and flexible licensing arrangements are just a few of the reasons organizations rely on ABBYY Recognition Server. To see this solution in action, please contact us online or call today at 844 OCR ABBYY (844 627 2229).