Recognition Server Reviews

Professional reviews of Recognition Server, ABBYY’s enterprise text recognition software, are available to help you make a sound and cost-effective purchase. As its name implies, Recognition Server is built for a centralized OCR environment—optimal for enterprise OCR workflows—but also provides a range of remote OCR conversion possibilities.

The links below provide just a few Recognition Server’s numerous awards and raving reviews, and a number of white papers are also available for more detailed information.

  • “ABBYY’s new Recognition Server represents a simple software appliance approach to OCR. It accommodates not only centralized scanning but also ad-hoc, de-centralized scanning which is how most business content is captured in enterprise environments” (KMWorld Magazine, 2006)
  • “We ran tests for accuracy, speed and cost of several OCR software products. [Recognition Server] is much faster, more comprehensive and offers many more options… Accurate automated document conversion was our only option, and for that, ABBYY Recognition Server is our go-to solution” (Jeghers Medical Index, 2014)
  • “We knew of no other product on the market that offered what ABBYY Recognition Server did and we could not have provided such a tailored solution without it” (Becker Services Ltd., 2014)
  • “We use ABBYY because in the document management industry it is the gold standard for OCR accuracy” (Penny Imaging Exchange, 2014)
  • “…[W]e can save a lot of time and effort… We estimate that [Recognition Server] has helped us reduce manual labor by up to 60%. Put simply, we have acquired a competitive advantage by processing documents and data quickly and reliably through enhanced automation. Additionally, our clients have noticed that applications are being processed quickly and adequately, often in less than 48 hours” (De Lage Landen International, 2014)

Consistent with the reviews above, Recognition Server is a highly effective text recognition software solution, and the most accurate OCR program for a high-volume enterprise setting. For processes like e-discovery and document archiving, customers appreciate Recognition Server’s scalability and remarkable ease of use.

If you are curious about how to identify the best OCR software for your organization, or would like to review Recognition Server questions with an expert, then please contact our team today.