RS Scanning Station

In ABBYY Recognition Server, the OCR process begins at the Scanning Station. This component makes it easy to automate document scanning and thereby reduce the time and eliminate the manual input previously required.

When digitizing massive file rooms or providing ultra-high-volume wholesale OCR conversion, for example, even the slightest efficiency gains can have a substantial impact on the bottom line.

Benefits of the latest Scanning Station updates include:

  • Support for TWAIN, ISIS & WIA scanners, whether standalone or multi-function
  • Various back-end export capabilities
  • Automatic folder monitoring
  • Automatic document separation

The document separation functionality is particularly exciting, as it lets users instruct Recognition Server to divide incoming files by page count, by blank page, by barcode, and more. Starting from v3.5, the Scanning Station even supports custom scripting for more complex rules, such as re-sorting lengthy documents or sub-dividing pages.

Getting Started with Recognition Server

Long story short, Recognition Server can use essentially every common input source. Whether from a scanner/MFD, network folder, desktop, mobile device, or even fax, there is always a fast and reliable way to automate document scanning.

If you already have an estimate of how many pages your organization needs to convert, then you may be able to streamline ordering by consulting the Recognition Server 4 part numbers within our Resources pages. Otherwise, if we can help you evaluate volume/workflow needs, or even provide a custom demonstration, then please contact an OCR expert online or at 844 OCR ABBYY (844 627 2229).