RS Verification Station

Recognition Server’s Verification Station is a critical component that performs one of the most important steps in the OCR conversion process. Its straightforward interface lets users confirm uncertain characters with just a single keystroke, for maximal accuracy in minimal time.

  • Cut document proofreading time from days to minutes
  • Enjoy a clean, simple, intuitive workspace for reviewing characters
  • Ensure data quality by defining custom certainty thresholds

Verification in the Recognition Server Workflow

Even though the Verification Station is just one part of the highly feature-rich Recognition Server, it plays an essential role in both usability and data quality. As illustrated below, all processed data will pass through the Verification Stations before export or archival.

ABBYY Recognition Server Verification Station

The Verification Station in the Recognition Server architecture

Furthermore, humans have an instinctive ability to discern information based on its context. For example, we instantly recognize “tihs” as “this” or “chaarcter” as “character.” ABBYY leverages this ability by showing characters to users in their original surroundings (i.e., a document snippet), which makes the process more user-friendly while maximizing accuracy.

Helpful Resources for Further OCR Research

If you’re curious to learn more about the OCR process and the differences between conversion and capture, then our FAQs page is a convenient starting point, and our regularly updated documents library is a great source for concise product info and case studies.

For more personalized assistance, like a complimentary workflow consultation or live product demonstration, please feel free to contact a Paperless Productivity® representative. We always welcome your inquiry via the web or at 844-OCR-ABBYY (844-627-2229).