ABBYY FlexiCapture Facilitates ISO Cert via Manufacturing Document Capture

ABBYY FlexiCapture doesn’t immediately come to mind when most of us think about ISO certification. But considering all the documents that the ISO for showing traceability of materials, OCR software can actually play a critical role.

For FAMIQ, a large Argentinean manufacturer of stainless steel industrial/construction products, an ISO certification would foster business development by assuring potential customers of its strict quality control. However, FAMIQ needed to demonstrate the traceability of over 25,000 SKUs from raw material to finished product. This entailed a vast chain of packing slips and quality documents, amounting to over 700,000 pages for every year of operations.

In light of its paper problem, FAMIQ sought a high-tech solution right off the bat. On the advice of one of its existing partners, FAMIQ reached out to a local document automation consultancy. Their digitization experts developed a plan to implement ABBYY FlexiCapture, thereby pulling all data from scanned papers directly into SAP.

Automated Manufacturing Document Capture For ISO Cert With ABBYY FlexiCapture

Automated Manufacturing Document Capture For ISO Cert With ABBYY FlexiCapture

It’s worth taking a moment to look at each step of this manufacturing document capture workflow, since it’s a fairly standard process that can be readily applied across processes and industries.

  1. It begins the second a document image is created via a scanner or multi-function device. The image is immediately routed to FlexiCapture for OCR processing, wherein each field is identified and extracted, and the document is automatically classified according to custom logic.
  2. Next, an efficient data verification process ensures that any questionable characters receive human confirmation before data are exported to a monitored Hot Folders.
  3. Finally, a web service pulls data from that Hot Folder into FAMIQ’s SAP database.

The end result is totally searchable data that lets the client match order documents with the history of the order’s raw materials. With this fully transparent and traceable system, FAMIQ obtained its ISO certification within just two months of OCR implementation. It even went on to expand the FlexiCapture workflow across other document-intensive processes, thereby increasing the ROI on its workflow automation initiative.

The powerful combo of industry-leading accuracy and competitive ABBYY FlexiCapture pricing sets the standard in workflow automation and documentation capture technology. For further information on OCR consulting, implementation, live demos, and/or training services, please contact Paperless Productivity® today.