FlexiCapture / FineReader Review: Driving Savings for Car Rental Group

The holding company behind one of Kuwait’s largest car rental and currency exchange networks had a very expensive problem: in 2012, the government mandated new ID cards for the nation’s own citizens plus expanded documentation of foreign citizens’ IDs. In traveler-centric businesses like car rental and currency exchange, this entailed a huge, laborious, and very costly manual workflow.

The holding company had to record roughly 400,000 IDs per year, multiple times each, in at least two languages (Arabic and English) plus any number of others. For human operators tasked with hunting down the necessary ID document fields, this was no small task. The next step, further compounding the expense, was physical shipment of records to a corporate office for scanning, more manual entry, and validation against a registration database.

Problems abounded. Shipping costs mounted as business grew, manual capture was too inaccurate to satisfy government standards, and the entire process involved far too many humans and too much hardware. Continue reading

Recognition Server Review: Laying the Foundation for an Online OCR Service

Often, the most demanding Recognition Server workflows are those which support a customer-facing OCR service. Singapore-based Paper Terminal Pte. Ltd. is one such service provider, specializing in custom document management and digitization solutions.

As demand for cloud services grew in that space, Paper Terminal realized an opportunity to establish its presence in an emerging niche. This motivated the launch of its OCR Terminal service in 2008, which required a server-based OCR application to power a web service for both direct access and integration with other cloud platforms.

recognition-server-review-ocr-web-service Continue reading

Recognition Server Review: Empowering e-Discovery with Enterprise OCR

For Deloitte LLP, ABBYY Recognition Server came as a timely solution to a serious workflow challenge. Its forensic accounting practice, one of the world’s largest, relies on exhaustive and highly accurate discovery of large, unpredictable document repositories.

While e-discovery software certainly lightened the load, its utility is severely limited by the number of image-formatted documents (like GIFs or JPGs), which aren’t inherently machine-readable.

And that’s precisely why purchasing Recognition Server made sense: by deploying the market’s premier enterprise OCR server, Deloitte has managed to get more out of its investment in e-discovery software by Continue reading

Recognition Server Review: Making Info Accessible to Vision-Impaired Users

Document accessibility is a major yet seldom-discussed motivator for OCR conversion projects. Many private and public organizations alike are subject to accessibility compliance requirements, which demand that image-based PDFs be transformed to contain data that text-to-speech software can read.

To help organizations meet this challenge, the accessibility consultants at Accessibil-IT let clients send in their image-only documents and receive compliant ones in return. Unfortunately, the prior OCR application was only 40% accurate, which required extensive manual review/correction.

Knowing a better application must exist, Accessibil-IT reviewed Recognition Server and its major competitors, ultimately opting for Recognition Server, which came out on top in its trials. The new accuracy rate? An astonishing 98%!

This dramatic improvement allows Accessibil-IT to offer far faster service and ultimately expand its business. One manager observed that: Continue reading

Recognition Server Review: Searchable Archives Empower Aviation Support Firm

ABBYY Recognition Server shines as a searchability tool for any firm with large, frequently-accessed archives.

This is precisely the case with Gamit, a British company specializing in the management and support of commercial aircraft.

From vast technical documentation to contracts to project information, Gamit’s endeavors span millions of pages of archived documents. After a failed OCR project in 2000, the company turned to ABBYY Recognition Server as the foundation of a capable long-term solution.

Reviewing Recognition Server Benefits

Why ABBYY? In the words of Gamit’s vendor, Continue reading